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Locus Amoenus

by HDK

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Everyone has their own journey and they must complete it on their own. It is easy to focus on the final destination... but it's the journey that matters. The final destination does not matter. It isn’t the burdens of today that drive men mad. Rather, it is regret over yesterday or fear of tomorrow. Regret and fear are twin thieves who would rob us of today. Life must be lived as we go along... so come along with me to my Locus Amoenus. Let the journey begin....
Arrival (free) 02:50
Kurisu-Sama (free) 02:36
Verse 1: I awaken, my eyes on the rays of Sunny summer days, reclining right of a daisy Wake up! My people who don’t see… See beauty’s appraiser has come so follow me Like Alice follow the rabbit, and I’ll show you the team A sip of tea, and’ you will be lost within’ a dream… Taking my time to soak in, everything that I see All things, surrounding me, acquisition is so sweet… My life now lucid, learning I see improvement… Finding results, adopting a new intellect I want resurrect time-spent equivalent to… Eternal beings relaxed within the infinite Even a small sight, ain’t lesser, and so I bless it …Thank God I’m living out of my best huh? So when I see a rose, I will adore it Even the birds of the air, color when they soaring’ Starting’ from the Dawn now moving on, Locus Hoping Christos and’ logos will be the focus… Even music, can be loaded… Spoken emotions… Hip-hop, we gon’ keep it explosive! Hook: Open up my eyes! Open up the door to my heart, Adoring’ the spark Talk about, a shot in the dark… Adorning the park Flowers in the field… I would like to feel… Living life on the real… (x2) Verse 2: “Life on the real”, not unaware I’m aware of… what’s seen, emerging out of a green bud Or maybe if I fall, caught up in a fresh wind Blessings, surrounding my every step that I’m faced with Have you heard, have you heard of meditation? My favorite thing to do is considering how amazing… The world I’m in, starting with I made it… To the point I’m at, it’s crazy, I wouldn’t change it! I love the smiles… seasons that cycle Gestures… who would’ve guessed, I love the quiet So privileged, meeting another human that sings… Or making a sweet beat, or fashioning rhyme in speech Little things, starting to see, what I take notice of So in love, receiving, I’m sowing love… Reaping much… Sense of touch, living a life alike the chorus Eyes wide open, seeing my life as gorgeous!
Fresh (feat. Musashi) (free) 03:45
I'm divin back into it got old flows like a buick introductions to what I'm spewin forth It's me, myself and I leavin lames in forth Lames of course…. still getting lit like the human torch Flame spittin smoke coughing and it's written A dose of where I've been and how I'm livin Comin out of my cave to hear the spittahs Gather my thoughts before the winter to survive but before my eyes ideas splinter but no one said it was a fair game some pursue just for the money and cheddar stacks on bread till it molds now chase the honey They just sent the kids to sunday school in a nation where god rules and decree'd we all deserve swimming pools… (laugh) but I stay Fresh… I'm offa that fresh That new raw ever heard of me? it's doubtful unknown I'm an assassin unsewn How could something so quiet begin a riot Chill vibes that insight violence seldom vibin off a lifeless soul More energy, more enemies …an eye blinks and then their sized down to centipedes eyes on the center please The rooms packed to the centimeter… breathe in dust, exhale diamonds Daynga Chron spittin several climates Bars written so high that you could climb them They try tell me that its all about timing but this my life where… theres no rewinding grindin with no fast forward reminded that I live in the now so its bong rips in the whip till infinities found Lighters flick, i take a sip of my tazo dodging potholes but never spillin drops out of the bottle Vibe Tribe Echo Culture, Team and the motto Some just out here hopin that they scheme hit the lotto Crabs in a bucket I just sank to the bottom Dug my way out now im someones elses problem Stayed true to me by being everything elses product and Lames out here looking like everyone elses prada it's somebody elses mantra their recitin and they aren't even cited it's so matter of fact, that if this goes to them then they'll go to that Dead in the water, Old Navy tryna leap over Gaps Out here Climbin over each other trine scramble for maps One minute their talkin reckless now they looking for daps And I could barely give a fuck and they aint fuckin with that Im Fresh…fresh (dress sharp fam you know what it is) Im offa that fresh. Stay Fresh. We offa that fresh. X2 On the scene rocking Ronin late night like conan tryna catch a moment cause times never frozen so i always spit that fresh and sketch styles with each step I'm a hard act to follow and you got next The truths hard to swallow like you got strep My name sliding over lips like blistex Im fresha than with soap without the opera Keep your drama I'm a make my name ring bells like Salamanca No heat in the winter so we smoke till its summer Got Lames responding like a wrong number They're mistaken sayin I'm only good for keepin warm like a blanket Food for thought like a banquet, Ash stained statements as I sharpen my blade Life gets lived and people get played We all roll the dice and sometimes we get saved No contingency plan but looking back at all I've learned im amazed Fresh fresh fresh…Im off that Fresh
Seeking Truth (free) 03:01
And These fakes these fakes just rakin' in I'm just waken at the wake there's no escaping this and So I'm makin' them Tombstone statements all scribbled through the graveyard My ships long sailed but there's still time to save y'all these words will wash to the shore Never washed up though maaaan check the decor This is me steady liven from the ceilings to floors This is me getting taught all the things I've ignored and All the things that I saw … almost makes me sick but almost makes me smile and then it fades to quick I spit styles over pavement like I'm paid per minute when I really pay with each breathe and trade for sentences Life's written in invisible ink I take a moment to think but I cant see where my sentence ends No recognition been twisting my penmenshiiiip No pen pals when Im reppin' this reckless no wrecks cause I didn't come weaponless sharp mind, venom spit, try to follow my steps but they slip in it she said that she was slipping in to something more comfy cozy history repeats itself ring around rosie as she tip toes back to her home she doesn't know he is privy to her game cause man she's no shinobi if only she had never hit me up on the low key She got tricks like Loki Mind games stay focused She potent We're all set sailin' in the ocean just floatin' as the tides wash by we get broken its corrosive I've noticed Man I been out here drownin' for way too long, Grabbin' onto beaches but the sway too strong hands covered in sand, the grit and grip of pullin' onto nothing what if I'm bluffing and then something doesn't work out I guess I'm livin' with the curse now, live and you learn from it Movin' on, I can see the sun comin' and I'll take my leave She wanna keep my heart but it ain't on my sleeve you don't know what you got till she leaves but I keep maintaining wrote a song about it, memories repainted and she still down to chill like Miles Davis no last statement needed we just stopped repeating ourselves an anthology of apologies to fill in the well She try to pretend like we buried the hatchet, my favorite actress She's fallen again, I'm just a bad habit she's callin' again like nothing matters on the mattress caught up in emotions or she's wrapped up in fabric Tragic they say better to have loved and lost but I'd rather wander forever and never total the cost The Ocean.
Our Last Goodbye (free) 03:36


Locus Amoenus - Latin for "pleasant place". A literary term used to describe an idealised place for safety or comfort.

This album is the tale of a man's travels to such an ideal paradise, taking you through the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations of such a journey until the final destination. This destination is different for all of us, but so is the journey. However, the point of this voyage is to enjoy the experience - NOT to reach the end point.

So, enjoy the ride.


released October 16, 2013

All tracks were produced, mixed and mastered by Helldogs Kris

\\ Vocals //

Tracks 1 & 5: Numatik (also many thanks to Jayme Fortune for helping with the youtube videos of "Lucid Living" and "Dawn")

Tracks 6 & 8: Musashi

Check these guys out, very talented MCs - you won't regret it!

\\ Artwork //

Album artwork created by Eugénie Laffite. A big thank you for her awesome work!

Check out her deviant art page here:

Check out Jayne Fortune's and Musashi's pages below:

Jayme Fortune:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/fortunate1s
Twitter: www.twitter.com/JaymeFortune
YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCNF5OJftnbQLyBuwwS9bX3w

Musashi :
Facebook: www.facebook.com/OfficialMusashi
Bandcamp: therealmusashi.bandcamp.com
Twitter: twitter.com/MusashiXero
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/OfficialMusashi


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.




HDK is a Greek producer based in London, UK. Since signing to Roots of Society he has released 3 albums: Sun Stroked, Old Fashioned and Hip Hoperator.

He has collaborated with Awon & Dephlow on their critically acclaimed albums Dephacation and Matte Black Soul and appeared on Cult Classic Records compilation Friends & Family 3. HDK strives to promote Hip Hop culture in its purest form.
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