Brazilian Dreams ft. Kenji & Telepathy

from by Helldogs Kris

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Bree Morcroft
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Bree Morcroft A great beat straight out of the gates, and a super catchy mid section highlight this one. Lyrically it all flows really well and paints the right picture. The hook is evident as soon as the female vocal kicks in and sticks like glue. You'll try and hit the note singing along but never sound as good. Simple, but ever so effective. The overall vibe is both a little old and new school blended together just right to create a real banger of a tune that makes a great starting point for this album.
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Verse One - Kenji :

All I do is kick incredibly dope shit,
Posted in the basement while sippin a potion,
Suppressed all emotion so my mind stay focused,
These third eye perceptions make them chakras open,
Let the energy flow through your body and soul,
We go through life collecting pieces to become a whole.
I finally know my own being I'm in full control,
Just an old soul trying to get his story told.
Never fold to the masses
Coming last is not an option
Let me bear my fangs and spit that lyrical toxin,
The flow stay venomous,
Death is on the premises
Slay and then send you to the second life to reminisce
Boy I'm the real shit, rap to pay my bills shit
Homie you ain't got touch no brail to feel this
Sip from the grail to escape a hell,
All I need in life is music, if I have that I'll prevail,
Well rounded young gentleman,
All about the benjamins,
Love to roll the weed and then take a shot of adrenaline,
Kick it in the country eating prime cuts of venison,
Meditating, zoning out to watch the pendulum
Say fuck the minimum we going for broke,
On the street selling CDs like I'm slanging the dope,
Building up my fanbase trying to tally them votes,
Y'all say that life is a bitch but this is all that she wrote

Verse Two - Telepathy :

Why they asking me for money when they don't even work,
I'm in the club for music you rounding up skirts,
Priorities in motion I got goals from birth,
Plated in gold as we raise out the dirt,
Like we deserve this,
While your fam was lackin' practice G,
Raising you, improper acting on the block,
Now I ain't saying we perfect but we know what are worth is,
And I refuse to work for free when you got your agendas (yeah,yeah) And I'm like lupin (lupin the 3rd) round the edges,
Your plans always fail even when you hire henchman,
I'm snaggin what I need just to leave you cringing,
I'm itchin' for a good fight and I don't think you are one,
i do this for my fam,
You do it for the stardom,
I put battles to rest while you try and start them,
My music is light thoughts your concept is heartburns,
My mental like a light bulb the love is what I start for,
Why you bad decisions like cartons of cigarettes,
Hanging round family that rip you off like nicorette,
Blaming everybody else for all your negatives
When your in control and you flip your placement up.


from Old Fashioned, released November 13, 2015
Cuts by DJ Hazey




Helldogs Kris UK

HDK is a Greek producer based in Manchester, UK. Since signing to Roots of Society he released his debut album Sun Stroked in 2014. He has collaborated with Awon & Dephlow on their critically acclaimed albums Dephacation and Matte Black Soul and appeared on Cult Classic Records compilation Friends & Family 3. HDK strives to promote Hip Hop culture in its purest form. ... more

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