Back to Basics ft. Kenji (Cuts by DJ Hazey)

from by Helldogs Kris

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Verse 1:
I spend most of my nights lost in this music,
Taking these notes to hope I improve cause if I lose it I’d be
Lost and confused with no fucking sense of direction
Blank stare in the mirror like ‘yo is this my reflection?’
Broke down with nothing but a dream and some hope now,
Cause I got fam in this town faith in my new sound
The homie Bair said ‘be patient and keep it moving’
But it’s hard to face the odds when you down and hate that you losing
Honestly that just make the taste of a win even better
The blood sweat and these tears, put my life in these letters
I’m reppin what I write, and what I write comes from my story
Full of lessons of life and the strife all to the ?
take the knowledge that you givin
Break the bread that you got and enjoy the time that you livin’
Cause all I know is tomorrow was never promised
So while I’m here I’ll show the masses that I’m about this

(Scratch Hook)

Verse 2:
These scars fade but the pain that left still remains
Learning from past mistakes is the way I spark up a change
I’ve been, down for the count
My account touching the negatives
Thinking my life is over for closure shook my composure
And soon staying sober became a challenge,
Downing bottles and sparking the haze to obtain balance
Losing my grip, slipped, I’m crawling, I’m falling now
Giving thanks to the people that saved me stay in the South
Yo I show love where the love is due
Shouting Telepathy, AK and
Buggsy the Frog,
Without my family I have no idea what I would do,
And that’s real, Kenji keep it 100
Slowing down not an option, full throttle I keep it runnin
Slowing down not an option, full throttle I keep it runnin,
Searching for answers and finally glad that I found something

(Scratch Hook)


from Old Fashioned, released November 13, 2015




Helldogs Kris UK

HDK is a Greek producer based in Manchester, UK. Since signing to Roots of Society he released his debut album Sun Stroked in 2014. He has collaborated with Awon & Dephlow on their critically acclaimed albums Dephacation and Matte Black Soul and appeared on Cult Classic Records compilation Friends & Family 3. HDK strives to promote Hip Hop culture in its purest form. ... more

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